Inspired by fashion and professionalism in today’s culture, AGIVA is a supercharged hair care complex formulated for all hair types.

    Its range of products includes 0% alcohol and silicone, 0% paraben formulation scrubs, conditioners, and oils that promote strong and healthy hair growth by nourishing, thickening and protecting the hair. 

    It’s where AGIVA meets “perfect hair styles”.



    At ARTERO we find all the professional material for hairdressers and barbers, with a wide range of professional scissors of all sizes for cutting, sculpting, for beginners, special for the left-handed, hair clippers, blades, hair dryers, hair straighteners, combs, brushes, professional clothing, among others.

    ARTERO is a Spanish family company founded in 1909 and the experience acquired over more than 110 years, together with the know-how of the best Spanish hairdressers and stylists, have allowed them to continuously develop the products necessary for a perfect finishing.



    ASTRA razor blade are produced by Gillette in the Russia.

    Known for their beautiful shave, ASTRA double edge razor blades are made from the highest quality steel.

    Each blade offers unsurpassed effectiveness, smoothness, comfort and durability.



    The complete line for men #Barba Italiana is the most complete expression of the combination of tradition and innovation: it is here that the poetry of nature meets the most avant-garde research revolution, sublimating these values into the maximum aesthetic result of a totally Made in Italy concept. A global concept of male grooming ranging from beard care to hair health.

    The goal is to re-launch the attention towards contemporary man in a vintage key through a wellness ritual that involves the harmony of the senses.

    The vitality of essential oils is at the base of the #Barba Italiana products. Present in the leaves, in the petals of the flowers, in the wood of the individual plants in the form of tiny droplets, they contain different active ingredients that contain a remarkable revitalizing power which the whole organism can benefit from.



    In 1999, "CUCCIO NATURALÉ" was founded, the first line of natural products for nail, hand and foot treatment, gaining notoriety on the best spas, day spas and beauty salons around the world.

    Founders Anthony and Roberta Cuccio, true visionaries of the beauty industry, maintain their mission to achieve the most innovative products so that nail technicians can better enjoy their profession.



    CUIDADOS is known as the young care line of the VALQUER brand.

    It has a variety of face creams adapted to all skin types and a highly regarded hand cream among its public, in addition to some Halal products free of animal-derived components.

  • D'Bullón


    D'BULLÓN is a superior line of professional cosmetics from VALQUER that meets the most demanding needs and dysfunctions of the international cosmetic-aesthetic market.

    A healthy look is one of the fundamental principles of beauty.

    The continuous application of D'BULLÓN cosmetics significantly contributes to this state of achieving a balanced, youthful, smooth and protected skin condition.



    Feather was the first Japanese company to manufacture replaceable razor blades. Since 1932, Feather has been delivering high satisfaction to the customers all over the world.



    Footlogix is the world's first and only Pediceutical® foot care line, offering innovative foot care products, that provide effective and transformational results to the skin and nails of the feet. Use the best foot care products for amazing results. The brilliance behind Footlogix products and how we can help you have healthy, happy feet. Non-greasy, easy to apply and highly effective.

  • HairSoSimple



    In order to assert ourselves in the market, we formulate and develop products with the hairdresser in mind, striving for their quality and profitability, benefiting the professional.

    Our mission is to provide high quality products that meet the needs and interests of hairdressing professionals, contributing to the professionalism of their work and providing a better service to their customers. In short, to provide high quality products that contribute to the success of our customers.

    Our vision is to obtain recognition of the brand's professionalism and the quality of its products by the professionals we work with and its customers.

    It will always be of the utmost importance that the attributes of our products are exceptional, never compromising the work of our customers.



    Steve Jobs once said “It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy”. So that's what Hey Joe did. With equal doses of effort and dream, he decided to tackle a new challenge: to manufacture his own barbershop products 100% made in Spain and with his own formulas.

    The crocodile symbolizes the patience and dedication that they have applied to each balm, oil or shampoo, so that everything has the highest quality and that you notice it.

    In 2015, Hey Joe was elected the best brand in the awards organized by the professional portal Barberías con Encanto. In 2016, it was elected the Spanish barbershop brand of the year.

  • LOLA Cosmetics

    LOLA Cosmetics

    With innovative formulas, good humor and empathy, Lola started her career focused on the professional audience. However, it soon established itself in the retail market, serving the final consumer.

    Lola does not only work with cosmetics, but with respect, offering a real vision of hair health care and presenting results within the reach of ordinary women. It innovates more and more in technology, communication, sustainability and commitment to the environment and animals.



    MISS COP is the symbiosis of "MISS", the French word for woman, regardless of age, and "COPine", the French word for friends, because we only share tips and secrets with our friends...

    15 years later, MISS COP has created more than 5,000 color references and 50 million products sold worldwide.



    MOSER, a brand rich in tradition, is part of the corporate alliance of Wahl Clipper Corporation (USA), an international market leader in products for the professional barber and hairdresser. All professional MOSER hairdressing appliances and, of course, precision blade sets are manufactured in Germany, developed and manufactured in Unterkirnach and distributed from there throughout the world.



    An Italian brand, with a concept of gourmet beauty, based on natural ingredients, to provide professionals with a range of products and hair treatments, developed with the most innovative technologies.

    A brand that protects the Salon's resale from online sales.

  • PALU


    Brand of Polish origin, for all professionals who consider manicure an art form and who value quality and technological innovation. PALU stands for timeless beauty, quality, style, comfort and innovation. Awarded with several innovation and quality awards in recent years, PALU presents itself as a new and strong player in the international manicure market.



    PORTOBELLO GENTLEMAN's commitment is to work according to the needs of each hair type, offering hair cosmetic solutions that respect the hair's natural structure and composition and the environment.



    Proraso was founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, where he has set trends in the shaving world for three generations. Proraso grows with Italy.

    Proraso laboratories create products that stand the test of time, challenge past trends and become classics. Over time, formulas based on natural and reliable ingredients are enriched and improved, packaging is updated and new product lines conquer new admirers.



    Pur Hair assumes social, ecological, and cultural responsibility – both global and regional.

    Pur Hair is proud to be on PETA’s official list of Cruelty-Free Cosmetics. PETA is an animal rights group, which campaigns for ecologically friendly products which are not tested on animals.

    During the production process, Pur Hair pay attention to prevent both, environmental and air pollution. Additionally, they use recyclable materials and thus work actively to protect our environment. Their products are manufactured in California where they have the strictest environmental specifications of all.



    Polo, the *game of kings* is a game for technicians, tacticians and fighters. Inspired by this fascinating sport, the specially developed PUR MEN Treatment and Style line was created, meeting the requirements that today's man has to deal with on a daily basis. For a well-groomed look, day after day, the product range ranges from an All Over Body Wash, to Facial Care and Styling products.



    Purple Professional was founded in 2012 with a commitment to providing the best products combined with the best quality.

    In a tireless quest to offer our professionals solutions for their daily lives, Purple uses the highest standards of control and quality imposed. In this way, they are able to have a high amount of premium quality products that reflect their passion and dedication. It is through these values that Purple Professional accompanies women from all over the world daily, giving priority to its entire range of products.



    Quiz Cosmetics is a manufacturing company with a long tradition. It was founded in 1983 and specializes in the production of decorative cosmetics and packaging. Also provides assembly services and PRIVATE LABEL cosmetics.
    Quiz offer a full range of colours and products, from powders, shadows, lipsticks, lip balms to nail polishes and conditioners. Their cosmetics are exported to over 40 countries on five continents. For over 30 years they have been helping women around the world to achieve their desired look, enhance their natural beauty, change their style and follow the latest trends.



    Real Natura is a Portuguese company specialized in Professional Cosmetics that uses natural ingredients in its formulations to achieve quick and lasting results. Its hair lines are developed based on the triple action concept: Hydration, Nutrition and Repair, thus guaranteeing the best results for each hair type. Real Natura formulas are unique, developed and tested by the brand, strictly complying with all legislation in force in Cosmetic and Body Hygiene Products. Real Natura chose the best of nature in a conscious and sustainable way. That's why it chooses to produce only products with natural raw materials and chooses larger packages that are 100% recyclable, avoiding waste. Real Natura is Cruelty free, none of its products are tested on animals.



    Schmiere was created in 2009 by Rumble59 with the aim of offering a wide range of original styling products for rockabillies, pin-up girls and greasers. Rumble59 pays homage to American virtues such as pioneering spirit and freedom, but looks back with pride to its own German heritage. The products are packaged in iconic cans, illustrated with the brand’s mascot, the Schmiere crow, which features different hairstyles depending on the pomade, of course, as there are different degrees of fixation and different scents, in addition to special editions and special pomades for women.



    Polish brand Stapiz manufactures high quality hair care products with the help of innovative cosmetic processes, unique recipes and original solutions. The products are divided into categories of hair cosmetics according to the type of use.

    The high quality ingredients guarantee the effectiveness of the products and the satisfaction of the customers in several countries of the world. Give yourself beautiful, healthy and youthful looking hair with Stapiz hair cosmetics!



    Portuguese brand WITHOUT Parabens, Silicones, Salt, Paraffins or Vaselines.



    TASSEL COSMETICS was born as a young and fresh brand, aimed at professional cosmetics with a lot of experience in the professional hairdressing and aesthetics market.



    Since its founding in 1975, Valquer Laboratorios has been researching and developing top-quality cosmetic products, offering dynamic and innovative responses to the professional sectors of hairdressing, aesthetics, pharmacy and others closely related to beauty and dermal (body) and capillary health.

    Demonstration of the progressive, continuous and solid growth of Valquer in recent years and the internationalization of the company, which is currently present in more than 65 countries.



    Hairdressing, barbershop and aesthetic articles from the most varied brands.

  • WAHL


    Wahl has been a leader in the professional and consumer sector since 1919, since the invention of the first electric cutting machine. Today it has more than 1,500 employees worldwide and is proud to carry on its tradition of innovation and excellent customer service.


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